Environmental ConsultingSite visits, preparation of site surveys, and analysis of natural resources. Consulting support to local staff, officials and planning commissions regarding environmental issues such as wetland, woodland, steep slope impacts, and construction site issues, such as soil erosion and stormwater.

Environmental/Open Space PlanningPreparation of environmental preservation and open space plans, including identification and evaluation of ecosystems, community input and visioning, goal setting, and development of action plans. Preservation plans strive to integrate people into the natural environment while preserving/restoring connections between landscape features.

Energy PlanningIntegration of energy efficiency and conservation into community master plans, ordinances and engineering/design standards. Preparation of ordinances to assimilate renewable and alternative energy systems into the community. CWA has three community planners who have earned the LEED AP credentials on staff.

Watershed PlanningDevelopment of water quality planning tools, including watershed group facilitation, watershed management plan preparation, and water resource planning.

Low Impact DevelopmentAssist with the integration of Low Impact Development (LID) approaches and techniques into local planning documents, ordinances, and engineering/design standards.

Environmental OrdinancesPreparation of ecologically-based ordinances that allow for development while preserving the site’s natural features and ecological functioning. Ordinances range from preserving open space links and ecosystems through clustering and open space developments, to feature-specific regulations such as wetlands protection, riparian buffers, and woodlands/tree preservation. Another area of expertise includes regulations pertaining to zoning design standards, such as setbacks, private roads, and parking areas.